Shipping and Returns

ezSCM offers extensive support to streamline your fulfilment and returns processing

Boundless Courier Options

Boundless Courier Options

Shipping has never been easier. With ezSCM, gain seamless integration with over 40 renowned courier companies. Whether you’re sending out a single package or bulk shipments, find the perfect courier match every time, ensuring timely and safe deliveries.

Local Delivery with 3PL Integration

Expand your reach without expanding your hassle. Our integration with 3PL providers allows you to tap into a vast network, enabling local deliveries even if you’re continents away. Bring your products closer to your customers, faster.

Local Delivery with 3PL Integration

Personalized Deliveries with Your Own Fleet

Have your own set of wheels? Perfect! With ezSCM, you can plan and execute deliveries using your own vehicles, giving you the utmost control over the entire delivery process. Customize routes, timings, and more, ensuring your products reach their destination precisely when you want them to.

Personalized Deliveries

One-Click Printing Solutions

Cut down the manual work with our streamlined printing feature. Generate and print invoices and shipping labels directly from our platform. Accurate, fast, and hassle-free, it ensures that each package is paired with the correct documentation, every single time.

Returns Made Simple

In the dynamic world of E-Commerce and Marketplaces, returns are a reality. ezSCM simplifies the returns process. Whether a product comes back from a global marketplace or a local e-commerce site, our system streamlines the acceptance, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Efficient Return Processing

Once an item is returned, our system kicks into gear. Segregate products to either restock or discard based on your set parameters. Each item is treated individually, ensuring that only viable products make their way back to your inventory.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Bid farewell to manual inventory updates post-returns. With ezSCM, as soon as a product is deemed fit and restocked, your inventory levels are updated automatically. No lags, no errors, just real-time accuracy.

Navigate the complexities of Shipping & Returns effortlessly with ezSCM. From the moment an order is placed to the potential return and restocking, we've got your back. Dive into a world of seamless shipping and simplified returns, ensuring your operations run smoother than ever before. Join the ezSCM revolution today.