AI Driven Supply Chain Management

ezSCM employs AI to get you better insight into the supply chain management process and enables you to make informed decisions. This intelligent system can help to identify inefficiencies, track performance, and improve communication between your team and your customers.


Proactive alerts

ezSCM AI monitors and learns as you and your team go about completing your tasks on the platform, the system monitors exterior parameters such as material costs, lead times and suppliers etc. Over the time system alerts you on anomalies and exceptions and suggests improvements towards making operations efficient.

Advanced tracking

ezSCM offers advanced tracking and reporting using it’s AI and analytics modules. Following are some of the reports and advantages


With AI driven ezSCM, you can gain a deeper understanding of your supply chain activities and make data-driven decisions. These analytics and intelligence will help in optimizing your internal processes, improve supplier relationships, customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

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