Pro Clubs

Pro Club is the process of acquiring goods or services needed for a business to operate. In order to streamline this process, many businesses use procurement portals to manage vendor relationships and purchasing activities. One important feature of a procurement portal is the ability for vendors to sign up and create buying groups, which can then invite buyers to join.

Vendor Signup:

When a vendor signs up for a procurement portal, they can create a buying group and invite buyers to join. This allows the vendor to offer their products or services to a wider audience, and provides the buyer with access to a broader range of vendors and products. Additionally, vendors can also create new groups and invite buyers to join them, which can help them target specific markets or industries. 

Create Buying Group:

Once a vendor has created a buying group, they can upload or add items to the SKU page. This includes providing details on the product, such as the name, description, and price. Vendors can also update item quotes and details as needed, ensuring that buyers have access to the most up-to-date information about the products they are interested in. 

Vendor Quote:

When a buyer is looking for a specific item, they can browse the SKU page to find what they need. They can then compare prices and product details from different vendors, making an informed decision about which vendor to purchase from. This creates a competitive marketplace, where vendors are incentivized to offer the best possible products and prices to attract buyers. 

Overall, the ability for vendors to create buying groups and upload items to a procurement portal is an essential part of the procurement process. It helps to streamline purchasing activities, increase competition among vendors, and provides buyers with a wide range of options to choose from. By using a procurement portal, businesses can improve their procurement process, resulting in better products and services at more competitive prices.