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Manage your E-Commerce business with Ease

One place to manage multiple marketplace orders, inventory, and supply chain. Designed for D2Cs and SMBs

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Order Management

Multi Channel | Integrated with E-Commerce

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Warehouse / Inventory Management

Raw | Intermediate | Finished

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Workflow Design | Planning | Tracking

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Multi Vendor | Direct Buy | Group Buy

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Supply Chain Management Platform for SMBs

AI Driven - Integration Ready - iOS | Android | Shopify

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Planning | Direct Buy | Group Buy

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Inventory Management

Raw | Intermediate | Finished

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Workflow | Planning | Production

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Order Management

Our innovative OMS is readily integrated with all major E-Commerce platforms, marketplaces, shopping carts. View and manage your multi-channel orders from one system. Sync inventory in real-time with all of your channels

Inventory Management

ezSCM helps you in optimizing stock levels, reducing carrying costs, preventing stockouts, and in maximizing inventory turnover to meet demands,  improve cash flow, and enhance efficiency. Forecast needs and prevent frauds with ezSCM’s AI


Automate production workflows, facilitate seamless collaboration, and minimize errors. Effective workflow management with ezSCM enhances productivity, accelerates cycle times, and improves operational efficiency. AI driven efficiency tracking and quality monitoring


E-Commerce Integration

ezSCM enables seamless integration with E-Commerce platforms (Shopify etc.) and supply chain operations, this enables businesses to achieve real-time inventory visibility, automate order processing, enhance customer experiences, and optimize fulfillment

D2C and
E-Commerce Store

We know it’s hard to track what was ordered, what was delivered and how it relates to finished goods for customer fulfillment. ezSCM makes it easy to implement an end-to-end supply chain system which provides the visibility and insight to optimally meet your customer needs and run your business

Small business

As the business grows, supply of consumables and raw materials that are critical to running your business must flow steadily and there should be one place to order, track and reconcile. ezSCM is the supply chain platform that helps you enhance your operational efficiency and profitability as your sales grow

Multi location

Each location will have its own character, after all its run by individuals. You want to give the best tools possible for your team in each location to succeed, while giving you a detailed view of how things are being done. Setup locations, team hierarchy, approval workflows, collaborate transparently, track and stay in control of the decentralized system

Comprehensive Supply Management and Fulfillment

Whether you are buying materials for yourself or forming peer groups to aggregate demand, it’s easy. You are in control of the procurement process; view entire transaction progress in real time, inventory insight required to fulfill customer demands, integrate with your digital store fonts, save time, deliver best the experience, and increase customer retention

ezSCM Advantages

  • Optimize Inventory Levels
  • Enhance Production/Processing Efficiencies
  • Reduce COGS
  • Optimize Fulfillment
  • Forecast Sales
  • Prevent Fraud
Create Buying Groups

Order Management

Timely and accurate processing of multi channel orders.


E-Commerce Integration

Seamlessly sync inventory, orders, and product data for a unified online sales experience.


Inventory Optimization

Real-time tracking, demand forecasting, and smart replenishment to minimize stockouts.


Multi vendor

Real-time pricing comparison better procurement outcomes.



Effortless management of multiple warehouses and distribution centers.


Workflow Automation

Simplify complex workflows, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.



Streamline and automate the entire procurement process from sourcing to purchase orders.


Mobile Apps

Stay connected on-the-go with mobile apps for continuous monitoring.

End To End Supply Chain Management

Extensive Reporting

Detailed and customizable reports to gain insights into your business performance and make data-driven decisions.

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