Frequently Asked Questions

Saveplex fundamental purpose is to provide buyers/buying groups the ability to consolidate their demands to increase scale/volume and use a competitive bid process to obtain the best prices and terms. The system is best suited to businesses/buyers which have similar procurement needs. Saveplex is an internet platform for buyers that want to set-up buying groups with peers. Saveplex allows buyers to network, aggregate purchasing demand, bid out the demand to vendors and have vendors accept orders based in bid prices.

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Buyers/businesses benefit from consolidating and leveraging their buying power. They also benefit from a competitive system of bidding. Since buyers/businesses are directly in control of the system, they can control the vendor lists and modes of running the buying group. Buyers will also be able to see their own demand vs the overall group demand, keep a history of orders placed, run comparative purchasing models based on vendor bids.

Saveplex allows vendors to see real-time immediate demand from customers in a consolidated view. Vendors can bid on buyer demand without significant sales resource requirements. Buyers can have greater insight into immediate customer demand, place real-time bids and obtain orders directly from the system.

The Vendors are responsible for fulfilling the orders and collecting payment from buyers. Vendors must do the normal credit checks and verification they would do for any customer. Saveplex only creates a demand profile and bidding system.