Extended Reports

In addition to basic reports, procurement portals can also provide extended reports that offer more detailed information and insights into the procurement process. Extended reports can be customized to meet the specific needs of buyers and provide deeper analysis of procurement activities.

Purchase Order Report:

This report shows all purchase orders created within a specified time period, including details such as the order number, vendor name, items ordered, quantities, and prices.

Invoice Report:

This report provides information on all invoices received from vendors, including the invoice number, vendor name, amount, and date of receipt.

Payment Report:

This report shows all payments made to vendors, including the payment date, amount, and payment method.

Delivery Report:

This report provides details on the delivery of goods or services ordered, including the date of delivery, quantities received, and any discrepancies between the order and delivery.

Inventory Report:

This report provides an overview of inventory levels, including the quantity of each item in stock, reorder points, and lead times.

By using extended reports in a procurement portal, buyers can gain a deeper understanding of their procurement activities and make data-driven decisions. These reports can help to optimize the procurement process, improve supplier relationships, and reduce costs. Overall, extended reports are a valuable tool for effective procurement management.