Buying with Scale, Power, Insight and Efficiency


Saveplex is comprehensive supply chain platform for businesses of all sizes. Assess your finished goods inventory and raw materials against demand, procure all items systematically, track the delivery of items and pay only for the quantity you have received. 

You can also form buying groups with your industry peers and buy in large quantities thus getting the advantage of bulk purchase. 

Saveplex helps you build the list of items that you buy frequently, invite vendors to quote for the supplies you are looking to buy, track goods when they leave suppliers location until you have received these in your stock and pay for the items that you have received. Keep the purchase order open until all materials are supplied or close the order when you no longer need items.

If you have multiple employees, onboard team of buyers, set buying limits and setup approval workflows. Get a transparent view of what is bought from who, what parameters were considered in making the buying decision.

Saveplex improves the bottom-line and increases customer retention by helping execute fulfillments precisely along with comprehensive data and controls